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         Quanzhou Yuanfeng Bearing Co.. Ltd. was founded in 2010, Fujian High-tech Enterprise, registered trademark "FSY", the company is committed to the development, production and promotion of spherical bearings and various types of bearing housing. More than 200 employees, more than 20 engineering and technical personnel, with China's outer spherical bearing product!on automatic line, automatic testing line and innovative bearing housing product!on line at home and abroad. FSY products are widely used in various transmission equipment, fans, mining equipment, engineering machinery, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, fishery equipment, construction machinery, garage equipment, food machinery, medical equipment, packaging machinery, cigarette equipment, fitness equipment., testing machinery, etc., FSY products exported to more than 10 countries and regions on five continents, and formed a Iong-term strategic partnership with partners around the world, established a strong marketing network and service platform at home and abroad.

      The company has established a quality and environmental management system in accordanee with IS014001:2004 and other international standards and successfully passed the international certification; adhere to the ''market demand is our action! Customer satisfaction is our responsibility! The progress of employees is our pursuit! Pragmatic and efficient, Lean in novation, 8n tribute to the progress and developme nt of mankind and society." Business philosophy; "Onestop service and product solution" with the enterprise spirit of Mround-loop, heart-to-heart, pursuit of better, help you succeed!" The program meets the different needs at home and abroad.

        FSY is located in Nan'an, the hometown of Zheng Chenggong, a well-developed southeast coastal city in China The factory covers an area of 40 mu, relying on mountains and water, and has a superior geographical environment. Convenient transportation, welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to discuss cooperation and create brilliant.

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